Tax planning - taxation system management to achieve the maximum financial result with minimal costs. The complex tax planning is part of the financial planning of the enterprise.

Tax planning means optimization of taxation generally, development of situational schemes of tax payment optimization, taxation system management for a prompt analysis of tax consequences of different managerial solutions. Planning of tax payments within the tax planning will allow enterprises to manage the available resources more effectively.

The basic principles of the tax planning are as follows:

  • Lawfulness of all ways and methods of optimization of taxation;
  • Economy of implementation of taxation optimization schemes;
  • Individual approach to the business and features of a particular taxpayer;
  • Complex and multisided application of developed schemes and methods of taxation.

Tax planning management is as follows:

  • Preliminary analysis of financial & economic activity of an entity;
  • Study of the current legislation, research and analysis of tax problems of a particular taxpayer in order to find the most prospective trends of the tax planning;
  • Study of schemes for optimization of taxation of partners and competitors in specific activities as well as application of the most beneficial methods of taxation at an enterprise;

Optimization of taxation of an enterprise, development of particular schemes for tax minimization as related to the specific kind of activity or a certain form of incorporation will enable to reduce tax payments. Released funds can be invested by you in the development of your business.

The tax planning is the most effective on the stage of business organization since it is expedient, from the very beginning, to choose competently a form of incorporation, place of incorporation of an enterprise, and to develop the organizational structure of an enterprise. We propose to organize a tax planning process at your enterprise that will favor prosperity and development of your business.

Within the bounds of this service, we perform:

  • Diagnostics of an enterprise according to the criteria of tax regulation and economic safety of business;
  • Development of an individual concept and plan of action on economic safety of business-projects;
  • Assistance in making managerial decisions;
  • Tax planning of a transaction or economic activity;
  • Assistance in the choice of methods of settlements with the budget in conducting business activity;
  • Business registration and re-registration with state bodies (legal persons and individual businessmen);

The tax accounting - on-line control of the state of settlements with the budget and off-budget funds on tax obligations of an entity. Organization of an optimal, from the point of view of documents circulation (drawing up of tax registers), tax accounting will allow you to effectively manage debts to the budget and off-budget funds, to avoid tax risks and undesirable financial effects. Tax accounting management/organization at an enterprise requires deep professional knowledge and experience.

Having entrusted tax accounting management to the specialists - to us, you will save your time for receipt of information on the state of settlements with the budget and off-budget funds, and will be able to make proper managerial solutions promptly, In addition, tax risks of your organization will be reduced to a minimum. We give an opportunity to our clients to save their time and money for purchases of forms, their completion and standing in a queue in the tax committee at the time of tax report submission, as we can complete and send reports electronically, if the electronic crypt-key of a client is available.

Within the bounds of this service, we perform as follows:

  • Reception of the crypt-key under the client's power of attorney;
  • Completion and submission of tax reports in an electronic form, receipt of notice on report acceptance;
  • «Guaranteed Delivery System» software installation & maintenance for tax reporting and the client's personnel training as well;
  • Consulting on completion of tax reporting;

We help to solve matters of taxation so that our clients can benefit. Recommendations drawn up by us are contrary to neither morality nor the current laws.




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