The consulting on business accounting and tax accounting as one of kinds of services proposed by us is the integral part of the accounting process of each enterprise. A need in accounting consultations is particularly sharply felt when an accountant confronts with nonstandard, atypical, or unknown situations, where he/she is required to solve any question urgently, but there is no time to seek the answer in different sources of information. Professional consultations will enable, in the shortest possible time, to solve your problems and answer those questions, which arise in the course of your financial & economic activity, and allow you to make effective managerial decisions on-line and promptly, which promote a favorable development of your business.

Consulting services may be rendered on a constant (subscriber's) basis, or in a one-time way (as required). The main advantage of professional consultations on business accounting and tax accounting is their efficiency and quality. By providing tax optimization, your company will not only reduce volumes of payments on the main debts but will acquire an image of a bona fide taxpayer in the opinion of state bodies and partners.



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