The personnel of our company will draw up proposals on business development, modernization and reconstruction of current production facilities, on the entering new sales markets and other structural changes at enterprises.

A business plan development is a comprehensive project feasibility, which enables to thoroughly assess the efficiency of a future business, and to answer the question, whether it is worthy to invest money in a certain enterprise or not.

A business plan enables to assess the quality of development of the project idea, to forecast and evaluate possible risks, to determine a commercial and a budget efficacy of the project, to inform shareholders, potential partners and investors of the project ideas and purposes, to increase in-house discipline and to work according to the principle: «All things that are planned are being done».

Currently, the business plan becomes more and more an important document, which may clearly demonstrate the ability of an enterprise to produce and, which is the most important thing, to sell a sufficient quantity of goods or services. And the amount of profit and the return of investments are to be in accordance with the financial policy of an enterprise and its potential investors.

The business plan, which is developed the consultants of our company for their clients, - is a detailed and distinctly structured and carefully prepared document. It describes those purposes and objectives, which should be achieved by an enterprise subject to the implementation of planned changes, methods to achieve the set purposes and technical & economic indices of such enterprise and/or of the project as a result of such achievement. It includes assessment of the current situation, pluses and minuses of the project, market analysis and information on the consumers of products or services.

Within the business planning, specialists conduct the project sensitivity analysis, optimize conditions of its realization, and analyze the project efficiency subject to the different scenarios of its realization. The necessary condition of the business plan development is assessment of risks and development of a plan of action for their minimization.

After all required calculations are done, for example, receipts and expenditure analysis, identification of the break-even point and calculation of the prime cost, a final Report is to be drawn up under the project including the resulting tables; integral indices of the financial state and the efficacy of investments; schedules, diagrams and a descriptive part.

The developed business plan is an important instrument for our clients to get a financial support from foreign investors. By this, the main purpose of the business plan development should be achieved – to show expediency of a proposed project, capabilities of industrial development, a realistic and a successive program of achievement of the project purposes and objectives. As a result, an opportunity of attraction of potential investors and financial partners becomes more vivid.

Our experience in the development of business plans for the enterprises of Аlmaty and other regions of Kazakhstan proves their high efficiency allowing the management personnel of an enterprise to really assess a financial expediency of some or other changes (technological, marketing, staff and financial ones), both at the enterprises' own expense and due to the attraction of loan capital.




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